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DIY: Making Waves!

Aug 22, 2013   //   by Catherine Daigle   //   Blog, DIY  //  No Comments

What you will need:

making waves - materials

– a bottle with cap
– water (enough to fill 1/3 the container)
– oil (baby oil is best because it is clear)
– food coloring
– beads, glitter, small toys, marbles (optional)
– glue or glue gun (recommended)

– add water, food coloring, and any special objects you have decided to put inside (beads, glitter, small toys, etc).
– Add oil to fill the bottle the rest of the way (all the way to the top).
– Glue the cap securely on the bottle.

How to use: Softly move the bottle from side to side and enjoy the beautiful waves. The oil & water will stay separated so you can clearly see different movement between your “blue” water and your clear oil. Very cool!


Note: I decided to cut out foam seaweed and fish to add to the bottle. These ended up floating to the top of the oil and it doesn’t look quite right. Best to use heavier objects that can sink and roll around.


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